Zabalaza in “Afrique Sans Chaines” (CNT, Vignolles), 2000s

Materials by the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (later: Front, ZACF) were carried in the Paris-based Afrique Sans Chaines, which ran for at least 5 issues. Afrique Sans Chaines was produced by the Africa team of the International Secretariat of the CNT-Vignolles, an anarcho-syndicalist union  with which the ZACF and, before it, Bikisha Media Collective, had links. Afrique Sans Chaines focussed on African workers in France, African news and African trade unions, and African anarchist and syndicalist news. Several issues of the ZACF’s journal, Zabalaza, carried adverts for Afrique Sans Chaines as well, and Afrique Sans Chaines described Zabalaza as its “sister” journal. In practice, Afrique Sans Chaines carried materials on “Francophone” Africa, and Zabalaza, on “English-speaking” Africa.

Below are complete copies of issues of Afrique Sans Chaines in which Zabalaza or ZACF material (in French, naturally) was carried.

Issue 1 hereasc4_Page_1 CROP

Issue 2 here

Issue 3 here

Issue 4 here

A copy of Issue 5 (no Zabalaza material) is here for reference.

Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) at 1997 (6th) Congress of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF/IFA) in Lyon, France

The Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) attended the 1997 (6th) Congress of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF/IFA) in Lyon, France, which ran from 31 October to 2 November.

Below is a report on the congress from the French-language Le Monde Libertaire anarchist weekly, 12 November 1997, no. 1099.

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LmL - Congres de I.F.A

Text only: (Zulu) Yini i-Anarcho-Syndicalism? (Freedom # 5, ca. 2000, Durban)

This is the Zulu text (only) from Freedom: Zabalaza Books Bulletin #5, Zulu translation of George Woodcock’s “What is Syndicalism,”: PDF of Bulletin here. Freedom: Through Class Unity and Resistance  Zabalaza Books Bulletin #5 – Free or Donation

Freedom without Socialism is Privilege, Injustice Socialism without Freedom is Slavery, Brutality    – BAKUNIN


Graphic (Zulu, syndicalism)

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PDF: (Zulu) Yini i-Anarcho-Syndicalism? (Freedom # 5, ca. 2000, Durban)

Graphic (Zulu, syndicalism)From Freedom: Zabalaza Books Bulletin, number 5, Durban (Zabalaza Books).  Zulu translation of George Woodcock’s “What is Anarcho-syndicalism” (1943, from his book Railroads & Society, 1943).  English text online here. At the time Woodcock wrote the text, he was an active anarchist; later disillusioned, he wrote a number of key academic texts on the subject, including the well-known (if controversial) G. Woodcock, 1975, Anarchism: a history of libertarian ideas and movements ( Penguin, revised ed.)

Freedom 5 (Durban, ZB, ca 2000)_Page_1
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Kapitalisme vandag: die “vrye mark” aanslag teen werkers – Workers Solidarity Federation, Afrikaans, undated

Vrye Mark Aanvaal - WSF Afrikaans

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Daar is op die oomblik internasionaal ‘n groot verandering in die vorm van kapitalisme na die “vrye mark” vorm. In Suid-Afrika het ons die regering se nuwe beleid: “GEAR” en kapitalistiese “industriële herstrukturering”. Dit gaan lei tot grootskaalse werksverlies, befondsingsbesnoeings vir hospitale en skole en ‘n grootskaalse aanval op vakbonde. Continue reading