Anarchist Awareness League – no date – “Some Thoughts on the Post-revolutionary Property System” (by Malatesta)

This was one of many texts produced by the Durban-based Anarchist Awareness League, but its not clear whether it was produced in the group’s initial incarnation (from 1993) or revival (from 1997). The group later became Zabalaza Books. More on its history is here.

Get the PDF here.


A few notes on the Anarchist Awareness League and the Durban Anarchist Federation – 1993-2003

The Anarchist Awareness League was formed in Durban in 1993. It was mainly involved in publishing leaflets, pamphlets and posters. At some point it became part of a new Durban Anarchist Federation, along with a “green” and feminist collective. In 1997 the Anarchist Awareness League was re-established. Renamed the Anarchist Workers Collective (AWC), it joined the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) that year. there had been a Durban WSF section founded in 1996, but it was short-lived (and by this time) defunct.  The Anarchist Awareness League / AWC was renamed “Land and Liberty” in 1998, and then Zabalaza Books in 1999 after WSF closed. When the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (later Front) was formed in 2003, Zabalaza Books  was a founding collective.