Letter from Sam Mbah to WSF, 1999

Letter from the late Sam Mbah, of the now-defunct Nigerian anarcho-syndicalist formation, the Awareness League, to the South African-based Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF). Dated 12 April 1999, the letter  arrived in South Africa around the time the WSF was heading for dissolution. In the letter, the WSF was granted the right to republish Sam Mbah and IE. Igariwey’s classic text, the 1997 African Anarchism: the history of a movement (See Sharp, Tucson, USA); the letter also mentions a planned speaking tour of South Africa by Mbah (which fell through), and a proposed Pan-African Anarchist Conference in South Africa (including Africans from the diaspora). The WSF and the Awareness League always sought to build close ties, but these were primarily by post and, given unreliable services and serious repression in Nigeria, somewhat sporadic; email was not used, mainly because this was extrenely rare in Nigeria at the time.The 1990s WSF actively pursued links with other African anarchists and syndicalists, mainly in (officially) English-speaking countries: it had a section in Zambia, shipped materials to Zimbabwe;  regarding West Africa, had contacts with the Awareness League and a short-lived Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union amongst diamond miners in Sierra Leone (also in contact via post);it had some erratic contacts with Egypt. Mbah, sadly, passed away from heart problems in late 2014. By all accounts, the Awareness League disappeared in the 2000s,

Mbah’s letter is here



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