WSF (1996): “Editorial” to “Workers Solidarity,” volume 2, number 1, first quarter 1996.

WSF (1996): “Editorial” to “Workers Solidarity,” volume 2, number 1, first quarter 1996.

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 2, number 1, first quarter 1996. Complete PDF is here

Welcome to the first 1996 issue of “Workers’ Solidarity”. This is the paper of the Workers’ Solidarity Federation. We stand for mass action and revolution by the workers and the poor to smash capitalism, the State, and all forms of oppression.

This issue focuses on the trade unions. We believe that the trade unions are mass combat organisations of the workers. We believe that unions are mighty weapons in the struggle for daily necessities. We also believe the unions are capable of contributing to the defeat of capitalism and the State by organising workers to seize and democratically manage the land [and factories].

It is not enough to just organise in the workplace. The workers and the poor need to fight on all fronts. This issue also has articles dealing with student and squatter struggles.

If you agree with our ideas, why not write to us and help build for revolution from below. A subscription to the paper is available for R4 a year (LOCAL!).