Bikisha Media Collective at 2001 Gothenburg anti-EU, anti-Bush protests

Two members of the Bikisha Media Collective (BMC) attended the GBG 2001/ Gothenburg ( Sweden) protests against the European Union (EU) summit, and against the visit of US president George Bush.  Riots and mass arrests were also a feature of the event, although most actions were peaceful.

Participating in the 12-17 June programme organised by the revolutionary syndicalist Swedish Workers Central Organisation (SAC) alongside activists from Bangladesh, Chile, Mexico, Nepal and Siberia, the BMC duo addressed a press conference on Wednesday 13th, gave a session that afternoon on “After apartheid: working class struggle against neo-liberalism in South Africa,” and also were key to the Friday 15th “Red+Black Meeting: what do the anarcho-syndicalists want?”  Naturally they were also active in the protests.

GBG 2001



About Lucien van der Walt

I teach at Rhodes University, the Eastern Cape. I’m South African, born and bred. I have long been involved in union education, and have a background in social movement and left-wing activism, the Workers’ Library and Museum, the Anti-Privatisation Forum, and the National Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU). I’ve presented or published 100s of papers conferences and workshops, published in key journals like 'Capital and Class' and 'Labor History', have co-edited 4 journal specials (these on global labour history, African labour, and unions in the Global South), and produced five books. I was Southern Africa editor for the 2009 'International Encyclopaedia of Revolution and Protest' (Blackwell). My focus has been on South Africa, but I have also done research in Zambia and Zimbabwe. I won the 2008 international 'Labor History' thesis prize, and the 2008/2009 Council for the Development of Social Science Research prize for best African dissertation, for my PhD thesis on South African anarchism, syndicalism and black militants. My books includd include 'Politics at a Distance from the State: Radical and African Perspectives' (2018, co-edited with Kirk Helliker), 'Negro e Vermelho: anarquismo, sindicalismo revolucionário e pessoas de cor na África Meridional nas décadas de 1880-1920,' and 'Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1880-1940: the praxis of national liberation, internationalism, and social revolution' (co-edited with Steve Hirsch, Brill, 2010/ 2014).