Anarchist banners at World Conference Against Racism, Durban, 2001

The World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), a United Nations summit, was held from 31 August until 8 September 2001 in Durban, South Africa. It provided a major focal point for protestors: South African anarchists were present both as activists in the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) and as members of the (Johannesburg-based) Bikisha Media Collective (BMC, an APF affiliate), and the (Durban-based) Anarchist Union (later Zabalaza Action group, ZAG). Here are some photos, taken on a digital camera at the time, which show anarchist banners at the march. Digital cameras have, happily, improved in later years.






About Lucien van der Walt

I teach at Rhodes University, the Eastern Cape. I’m 10th generation South African, born and bred. I have long been involved in union education, and have a background in social movement and left-wing activism, the Workers’ Library and Museum, the Anti-Privatisation Forum, and the National Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU). I’ve presented or published 450+ papers, including conferences and workshops, co-edited 4 journal specials (on global and African labour history, and the left), and produced five books. Southern Africa editor for the 2009 'International Encyclopaedia of Revolution and Protest' (Blackwell). I won the 2008 international ‘Labor History’ PhD thesis prize, and the 2008/2009 Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) award for best African dissertation, for my thesis on South African anarchism, syndicalism and black militants. I have also done research in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.