1996/ 1997 materials: Workers Solidarity Federation

After being formed in 1995, the Workers Solidarity Federation issued a number of materials. According to the catalogue found in the back of a WSF pamphlet issued around 1996 or 1997, these included:


* ONLY THE WORKERS CAN FREE THE WORKERS: an introduction to the politics of the WSF. Booklet which outlines our key ideas and aims. R1
* BREAKING THE CHAINS: A history of libertarian socialism (anarchosyndicalism). A 70 page booklet that outlines our fighting tradition . R4
* WHAT WE BELIEVE: Outline of the politics and policies of the WSF. A 70 page booklet which outlines our politics and policies in some detail. R4


Available free in bundles of 10, 20, 50, 100 or more copies!
* Revolutionary Trade Unionism: Road to Workers Freedom (no. 1) -FREE – [online here]
* Capitalism and Racism: One Enemy, One Fight (no. 2) FREE

* SPANISH REVOLUTION: Anarchism in Action. R3
* CUBA: How the Anarcho-syndicalists Fought For Freedom. R1
* BASIC BAKUNIN (new edition). The revolutionary ideas of Mikhail Bakunin. R1



1. CUBA: How the Anarcho-syndicalists Fought For Freedom was, in fact, issued as Cuba: who were the real fighters for freedom? – see here

2.  * Capitalism and Racism: One Enemy, One Fight (no. 2) does not seem to have been completed, according to available  records.


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