Extracts: “Tales from the Pit” #3 ca. 2004: anarchism, anti-authority + Phambile Motsoaledi anarchist centre and project

The following PDF has some extracts from Tales from the Pit # 3 – this was a ‘zine linked to the South African punk scene. While it was heavily focused on band reviews and interviews, it sometimes included more political (and generally anarchism-influenced) material.

tales 3 cover

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This extract includes material from a Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) member, directed at more political members of the subculture (“Anarchism,Punk and a Healthy Disrespect for Authority”) and a report on the ZACF-linked project -centred on the Soweto-based ZACF affiliate, the Black Action Group (BAG), to create a social centre in the Motsoaledi squatter camp inside that township.  This was part of a larger “Phambile Motsoaledi Community Project” linked to the ZACF.  “Phambile” translates as “forward!”

Alert readers will note that these two articles also appeared in the one-off Libertarian Offensive, also linked to ZACF, previously posted here.



About Lucien van der Walt

I teach at Rhodes University, the Eastern Cape. I’m South African, born and bred. I am currently also involved in union education and have a background in social movement and left-wing activism, the Workers’ Library and Museum, the Anti-Privatisation Forum, and the National Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU). I’ve presented papers at more than 120 conferences and workshops, published in key journals like 'Capital and Class' and 'Labor History', have co-edited 3 journal specials (these on global labour history, African labour, and unions in the Global South), and written well over 130 other articles, papers and entries. I was Southern Africa editor for the 2009 'International Encyclopaedia of Revolution and Protest' (Blackwell). My focus has been on South Africa, but I have also done research in Zambia and Zimbabwe. I won the 2008 international 'Labor History' thesis prize, and the 2008/2009 Council for the Development of Social Science Research prize for best African dissertation, for my PhD thesis on South African anarchism, syndicalism and black militants. I have several books, including 'Negro e Vermelho: anarquismo, sindicalismo revolucionário e pessoas de cor na África Meridional nas décadas de 1880-1920,' and 'Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1880-1940: the praxis of national liberation, internationalism, and social revolution' (co-edited with Steve Hirsch, Brill, 2010/ 2014).

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